The hottest topic today seems to be Cyber Security and what you need to do, buy or put in place to prevent it from disturbing your business.  As overwhelming as all this can be, it is not something that can or should ignore!


You will already be in a better position by applying the following steps:

Be prepared


  • Develop a DR plan that includes cyber security and outlines what risk your business faces, how you are proactively managing these risk and what how you will address them if you were to be breached.


  • Have processes in place everyone is aware of, so you can continue to operate if you loose access to your files of systems.


Backup your files


  • Ensure your files and systems are backed up regularly.


  • Encrypt backups and store them in two different locations (onsite/offsite). This will ensure that you can quickly recover from most types of incidents.


Stay updated


  • Keep software on your servers and workstations updated and ensure that the latest security patches have been installed.


  • It is also important to make sure your staff are aware of potential risk and what they can do to help protect your business.



The types of threats your might have changed, but the basics of keeping your business safe haven’t.


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